Tiny Actions. Multiplied by You.

Making changes. Reducing impact. Doing something.

Welcome to Tiny Actions by me, Lisa Harvey.

Feeling guilty, frustrated, angry, and increasingly anxious about Climate Change?

Me too. I live in Australia which is currently on fire and covered with smoke. I feel guilt with every breath.

I feel impotent in the face of inadequate actions by our governments, communities and individuals. I feel frustrated that every day things seem to get worse. I am sad for communities all over the world who are feeling the real-life effects of our own negligence.

So I asked myself, what can I do? What difference can I make?

I produced this little inventory: I can write. I studied geography, so I know some stuff. I can teach. And I can internet. I, personally, can do better. Tiny Actions is the convergence of these things.

Tiny Actions Multiplied by You

If I do something small, and tell 10 people and they do the small thing. And then they each tell 10 people who do the small thing. I suddenly have multiplied my action by 100!

Of course the response will never be that linear, but you get the picture. My small thing is multiplied when you do it. And your small thing is multiplied when you pass it on. It’s like pyramid selling for the benefit of the planet!

At its simplest, Tiny Actions is a newsletter. The (mostly) weekly journal of me making small changes to reduce my own impact on Climate Change. It’s delivered to your in-box, with an invitation to join me and share in my success and failures.

Perhaps together we can do something.

Sometimes, perhaps most times, I’ll add some articles about what Climate Change means and how it works. I may discuss communicating Climate Change with the world we live in, whether that is Aunt Jess at your family get-together, or your local elected officials, or Facebook followers.

And there will be opportunities for discussion along the way.

Tiny Actions Change the World

Climate change is complicated, both as a physical and political process.

As a single human I can only do so much. Doing a little bit is far better than doing nothing. And if two people do it it is twice as good as nothing (I know, just go with the prose).

My big goal is to be close to carbon neutral by the end of 2020. I don’t even know if this is possible. If enough of you are along for the ride, we can do something is going to make an actual difference. We might fail to reach our target, but we’ve made the world better along the way.

This is the way we make a difference to climate change.

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So. I’m starting from nothing here. No Facebook group, no mailing list, no freebie to give away. Just me, Twitter and this newsletter. So if you like the idea, 🙏 please tell your friends! I could really use your help, and let’s do something together.

I’ll start sending newsletters when I get to 100 subscribers.

About the image: This stunning image of our beautiful planet was taken over 50 years ago in 1967 by the uncrewed Apollo 4 capsule. It is taken from 10000 miles (over 16000km) above the Earth. Why have I included this particular image? Because in this image is everything we know and love about our planet. This is what is at stake.

More about the image from the NASA site.